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Heritage Park Alliance Church seeks to equip our community to do everything that Jesus Christ did during his incarnation ministry. Discipleship/Mentorship is a vital part of the Christian journey and we've created a process to help ensure that everybody has an opportunity to grow, whether it's by being a 'mentor' or a 'mentee' in the HPAC community. Since our call from Jesus Christ is to, 'Go and make disciples...", HPAC has created a structure to help our community live out this calling.

Contact for Mentorship: Chad Heaton (

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Mentorship Program Information Meeting

Next Class Date TBD

Are you looking to find out what our mentorship program is all about? Do you have any interest in mentoring someone or being mentored? Come join us in the Chapel for an informative meeting.

To apply to be a mentor or a mentee, please click the
appropriate form:

Print waivers

Training for mentors

Information about mentorship at Heritage Park

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