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Heritage Park Alliance Church


Title:                            Technical Intern


Reports to:              Technical Coordinator


Classification:        Part Time – up to 10 hours per week


Primary Purpose:        

The technical Intern is responsible to learn all technical components of the weekend services (video, sound, lighting, etc.) and cover open technical positions as assigned, including facility rentals.  Technical Intern is responsible for the safe storage and maintenance of technical hardware related to the production of the weekend services.



In keeping with the vision and values of Heritage Park Alliance     

Church the Technical Intern carries out the following 



  • Ensure that technical equipment is functioning properly

  • Assist in the setup and teardown of the stage for weekend services

  • Cover open positions during the weekend services

  • Test malfunctioning equipment and help make repairs

  • Ensure that Apple TV carts are in working order each week

  • Organize and maintain technical and music storage rooms

  • Assist in the creation of reference materials for technical operations

  • Clean the Auditorium stage once a week

  • Other duties as assigned by the Technical Coordinator


Works closely with: the Technical Coordinator, the Director of Worship Arts and         

Young Adult Ministries, and Tech Team Volunteers.



  • A demonstable interest in the operation of audio, video, and lighting equipment.

  • A willingness to accept instruction.

  • A demonstrable ability to work effectively as a part of a team.


All church employees are required to:

  • Be members of Heritage Park Alliance Church or working toward membership.

  • Abide by policies set out in the Heritage Park Alliance Church Employee Handbook.

  • Complete all test and police clearance requirements of the HPAC Abuse Prevention policy.

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